1003 Commercial Complex

1003 Commercial Complex

CAMH newest project is ” 1003 Commercial Complex ” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia . The space management for design and build is the interesting thing that CAMH has been pursued for years.

Every single line , we see the inspirational bar to bring the extraordinary work to the next level . The community development with positive impact is our mission for better friendly environment.
More importantly the design team has committed for ” ONE TEAM , ONE VISION ” to bring the finest quality to shape the future . ”

In quality -CAMH has the strong belief with the practicing of constructibility with budget to help be the part of win-win between developers and users benefiting from design and build.

The project sets the contribute to urban realm and also Sensok landscaping along main road as whole new look .

” 1003 COMPLEX ” is a part of urban development and greenery landscaping for the whole area . From the master plan with harmonious layout to deliver the private and rich experience of loving in modern way .

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