Our Story

CAMH CONSTRUCTION CO.,LTD is CAMBODIA’s leading design and build with over years of diverse experience in the design and construction of private residences, hotels and resorts, corporate offices, retail spaces and public buildings.

Our team amounts to hundred work forces that are led by Mr.Hout Venghong, Master in Construction and Engineering Infrastructure Management, (CEOs & Co-Founder) followed by the partners all possessing more than 10 years design experiences in architecture and interior expertise. Moreover the engineering teams are strongly focusing from design alternatives, construction method and maintenance.

CAMH CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD has a very successful project record of pertinent projects both local and foreigner clients such as American, Japanese, Singaporean, Taiwanese and Indonesian client for example. By pursuing the best quality in design and service, it brings CamH Construction Co.,Ltd to meet the international quality standard.

Our competitiveness is to differentiate toward the creativity in Design and Build which every team pursues the excellence and are passionate in the most creative process of the design and construction.

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